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Founded in 1995, with headquarters in Huizhou (Guangdong), a design center in ShenZhen, logistic hubs in HongKong and manufacturing plants in North/South China and India, we support major global brand players and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) with tailored solutions for product lifecycle management.

Don't make history, make the future!

DBG stays ahead of the competition by investing continuously in the latest technologies. Smart Industry or Industry 4.0 is the name for a trend of automation and data exchange that is used in industrial manufacturing techniques. Industry 4.0 makes what is called a “smart factory”. Within these smart factories, machines are linked and read out, so that a good insight can be gained into what is actually happening in the factory and processes can be optimized faster. Smart components assembly, Smart optical inspection eliminates human factor providing zero-defect production.

Our Profile

With over 100 of the latest SMT lines from Fuji, Siemens and Juki, and investing each year heavily in cutting edge technologies in robotics & big data, DBG has the ability to help you get your products introduced to the market quickly and at scale.

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